bufo alvarius


I know they say you’re supposed to thin the apples so the remaining ones will be larger. But I like small apples–just right for a quick snack–so I don’t thin them. 

2010 dorsett golden harvest

My undying gratitude to Lana & Dean for “helping” install the new screen door. If the truth be told, Dean did most of the work. How lucky I am to have such generous friends!

new screen door

an injured owl

Today I heard the loud, long blast of a vehicle horn on the highway. A little while later I found this great horned owl in my garden. His face was badly injured, but he seemed strong otherwise. A rescue person came and took him away. I hope he makes it.

Great Horned Owl

[I’m sorry to say, the owl died that very night of head injuries. Thanks to everyone who scrambled to help me locate the rescue people.  -ds]

saguaro blooms

This is the first time (to my knowledge) that the saguaro cactus in my yard has bloomed.

saguaro blooms

apricot harvest 2010

This year my cherry trees produced 5 cherries!

two cherries