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apple harvest time

Golden Dorsett harvest 09

Yesterday, I harvested a handful of apricots–my first harvest from that tree. Today, I gathered the Dorsett Golden apples and one early Anna. The rest of the Annas will be ready soon.


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Here’s a recipe I invented for a refreshing late summer salad.

Apple Cucumber Melon Salad

Use equal parts:

Honeydew (or similar green or white) Melon

Cut into chunks.

Mix and dress with plain yogurt mixed (or vinegar) with a splash of lemon or lime juice and a pinch of sugar.

Top with peanuts or fresh mint, if desired.

This salad was made with melon and cucumber from the garden, homemade goat’s milk yogurt, lemon juice from a neighbor’s gift of lemons, and garnished with garden mint. Maybe next year the apple will be from my little orchard, too.

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