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a sparrow visits the garden


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sandhill cranes

We traveled to see the sandhill cranes. They winter in southern Arizona.

An incredible sight!

cranes in flight

To hear the amazing sound the cranes make, click here and listen to
sound clip 2.

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bird by the moon

I have been asked by a friend what kind of bird is in the “evening visitor” post. It’s a canyon towhee. This bird has been a regular in my garden lately.

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mystery bird revealed

As it turns out, the mysterious bird call of September 22nd’s post turned out to belong to the phainopepla. Here is a link to its call.

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It is not unusual to hear the Great Horned Owl around here in the early morning or late evening. I love this sound! To hear it for yourself, click here.

This morning I heard another call at the same time as the owl’s. I’ve spent an hour trying to find out what kind of bird made the call (was it a bird?) but with no luck. I’ve looked up every night bird I could find on the online bird lists. It is essentially a two-note call, rising like a question. Any ideas?

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The sunflowers are blooming like crazy and the goldfinches love them. This morning I captured a couple of them with my camera.

goldfinch 3 thumbnail

goldfinch 4 thumbnail

To hear the goldfinch song, click here.

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some local birds

We are lucky to live in a place that is infused with birdsong. A couple of days ago we were visited at the library by a roadrunner.


Have you ever heard a roadrunner’s call?

If not, and you’d like to, click here.

And in the abandoned metal building just uphill from Wildflower House, a canyon wren has made its nest. [As it turns out, that canyon wren doesn’t have a nest there; I guess it was just visiting.] Here you can listen to the wonderful call of the canyon wren.

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