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This is the time of year when eggplant is abundant in the garden. There was a time when I had so much eggplant I couldn’t give it away. Suddenly friends’ schedules were full and they wouldn’t have time to see me until after the first freeze.

No more!

My friend Carolina saved me by sharing her grandmother’s recipe. Now none of us can have too much eggplant. This recipe preserves the eggplant and it is terrifically delicious!

Carolina has kindly given permission for me to post her grandmother’s recipe here:


Carolina’s Beautiful Eggplant Recipe

If the eggplants are bitter, cut them and spread salt on them; that’ll extract the bitter juice.

Rinse them with water.

Boil them in 1/2 water+1/2 vinegar until they’re tender (but don’t let them puree)

Prepare a sauce which has 1 measure of oregano, 1 of chopped garlic, 1of red peppers (dry), 1 of olive oil (approx. 1 spoon of each/eggplant).

Get a glass jar, put a piece of eggplant, a little sauce, a piece of eggplant, a little sauce . . . and so on.

When you’re done, add oil to cover them all.

Let them macerate [in the refrigerator] for at least 4 days.

They’ll last forever!


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