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Here’s a recipe I invented for a refreshing late summer salad.

Apple Cucumber Melon Salad

Use equal parts:

Honeydew (or similar green or white) Melon

Cut into chunks.

Mix and dress with plain yogurt mixed (or vinegar) with a splash of lemon or lime juice and a pinch of sugar.

Top with peanuts or fresh mint, if desired.

This salad was made with melon and cucumber from the garden, homemade goat’s milk yogurt, lemon juice from a neighbor’s gift of lemons, and garnished with garden mint. Maybe next year the apple will be from my little orchard, too.


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During the summer I bought a beautiful, delicious watermelon. It was grown not too far from here in a similar environment, so I tossed the seeds under the cherry tree and left them to grow as they would. I only watered them when I watered the tree–about once, sometimes twice a week. Sure enough, they sprouted with the monsoon rains and made three melons. Two of the melons were medium-sized and one was quite small. The weather got chilly last week (my garden suffered some frost damage) but I decided to leave the melons a few more days to ensure their sweetness before harvesting. On Thursday I went out to pick them and the biggest one was gone. Someone stole it. I know it was a person because there was no damage to the vines and they had clearly checked out the other medium-sized melon too; my dog picked up their scent on it.

I didn’t think that was very neighborly.

I intended to pickle the rind to give as gifts this winter.

Should I build a big wall around my property?

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The monsoon has been generous this year. In a week the amaranth has gone from invisible seed to thigh-high chlorophyllic ecstasy.

I wish I could leave the amaranth to grow in all its wild green splendor, but it provides an appealing habitat for mosquitoes and rattlesnakes. I’ll have to cut it down or pull it out. This is no small task as I have only tools fueled by arm power–hoes and a grass cutting blade that I swing from side to side. I rise early and work for an hour or so, before it gets too hot. At this rate the amaranth may be over my head before I’m finished!

This has also been a week of garden surprises–the sudden melon,

suddenly cucumbers ready to be pickled.

The tithonia has begun to bloom, a glowing aura surrounding its stem.

And the baby persimmon tree has decided to give it another go: it’s blooming and setting on fruit. Cause for celebration!

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