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welcome 2010!

I like to observe a couple of traditions on New Year’s Day.

First off, I like to eat stone soup. The idea is to invite people over and have a sort of potluck where each person contributes one ingredient for the soup. This year I used a heart-shaped stone for the soup.

heart-shaped stone

The other thing I like to do on New Year’s Day is plant wildflower seeds.

wildflower seeds

Happy New Year!


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hollyhock seeds

hollyhock seeds

Today I collected seeds from my favorite lettuce–Amish Deer’s Tongue–and from the hollyhocks.

My mother, who grew up in Michigan during the Depression, told of collecting hollyhock seeds as a child and then selling them door-to-door.

I regret that I never asked her what she used the money for.

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salsify gone to seed


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