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During the summer I bought a beautiful, delicious watermelon. It was grown not too far from here in a similar environment, so I tossed the seeds under the cherry tree and left them to grow as they would. I only watered them when I watered the tree–about once, sometimes twice a week. Sure enough, they sprouted with the monsoon rains and made three melons. Two of the melons were medium-sized and one was quite small. The weather got chilly last week (my garden suffered some frost damage) but I decided to leave the melons a few more days to ensure their sweetness before harvesting. On Thursday I went out to pick them and the biggest one was gone. Someone stole it. I know it was a person because there was no damage to the vines and they had clearly checked out the other medium-sized melon too; my dog picked up their scent on it.

I didn’t think that was very neighborly.

I intended to pickle the rind to give as gifts this winter.

Should I build a big wall around my property?


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