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exquisite . . .

but deadly:



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The hillsides of our town are blanketed with poppies!

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The monsoon has been generous this year. In a week the amaranth has gone from invisible seed to thigh-high chlorophyllic ecstasy.

I wish I could leave the amaranth to grow in all its wild green splendor, but it provides an appealing habitat for mosquitoes and rattlesnakes. I’ll have to cut it down or pull it out. This is no small task as I have only tools fueled by arm power–hoes and a grass cutting blade that I swing from side to side. I rise early and work for an hour or so, before it gets too hot. At this rate the amaranth may be over my head before I’m finished!

This has also been a week of garden surprises–the sudden melon,

suddenly cucumbers ready to be pickled.

The tithonia has begun to bloom, a glowing aura surrounding its stem.

And the baby persimmon tree has decided to give it another go: it’s blooming and setting on fruit. Cause for celebration!

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