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summertime beverages

It’s hot and you’re thirsty. Here are some ideas for summertime beverages that cost only pennies and will invigorate body & spirit.

If you’ve been working outside, add some salt to your lemonade and drink it up. If you’ve worked up a real sweat, you’ll know how much salt to add because just the right amount of salt will taste good !

If you don’t have any lemon juice, you can make a refreshing beverage using apple cider vinegar instead. Dilute with water as you would for lemonade and add sugar &/or salt to taste.

What’s better than cold mint tea on a summer’s day? All it takes is fresh mint from the garden and some boiling water. For extra zing, I like to add a sprig of rosemary to the brew. Sweeten to taste, add ice & serve.

It’s great to have a variety of iced teas in the refrigerator, but there isn’t much room in there. So, I make concentrated tea (and coffee) and store it in quart jars. When I want a cold drink, I simply dilute it to taste.

Happy sipping!


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